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Cookie notification

Cookie Notification is a WordPress plugin allows you to inform users that your site uses cookies and to comply with the EU cookie law regulations. This plugin has been developped to improve the integration with no coding skills. A lot of settings options will blow yourself and definitly make you love this new law.   Cookie Notification plugin creates a small bar at the top or bottom of the website with a short message about cookies and accept, decline, and privacy policy buttons. Once a user has made the decision to either accept or decline, the Cookie Notification bar slides up, then disappears. Cookie Notification can be set up to work in a variety of ways. By default, it uses assumed consent. […]

Squeeze Atts

WordPress plugin : SQUEEZE Atts v.1.0.0 Find it on Github SQUEEZE Atts allow you to erase a post and its attachments. Just type the id of the post you want to scan and press « scan » or press Squeeze atts in the admin column. With SQUEEZE Atts, there is no need to use media library to delete attachments anymore. You can scan post by ID to see all its relative attachments. Confirm your choice and delete attachments, you’ll be prompt if you want to delete the post too. Squeeze Atts can delete all the files sizes created by the functions and third-party plugins. This plugin adds two admin columns, one column to display the number of files attached to the post, […]