Brozzme Fullwidth and automatic layout in Divi

Fullwidth page and other layout options made easy with Divi theme, save all your new content without worry of this, update in one click all your content with predefined settings.

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Brozzme Fullwidth and Automatic Layout in Divi is made to simplify the workflow when new content are created. Choose the predefined layout type and apply it on each post, page or product.
You can also, hide or display the post title.
A tools page in the setting panel allows administrator to modify whole website layout type in one click.

To use this plugin, Divi theme must be activated.


Choose the layout : fullwidth, left sidebar, right sidebar
Apply changes to Woocommerce products
Show or hide title on layout (only available for posts – Divi restriction)
Apply dot navigation
Apply hide nav bar before scroll

1. Apply layout type in one click
2. Apply post title visibility in one click
3. Apply dot navigation in one click
4. Apply hide nav bar before scroll in one click

Broozme fullwidth Divi settings 1 Brozzme Fullwidth Divi settings 2