Tools to manage post types and duplicate content easily.

Don’t be affraid to switch your content from any post-type to another and duplicate content to keep your blurb, Brozzme Switch and Duplicate, is a great admin tool that gather a Post Type Switcher and a Duplicate tool into one plugin.

Switch from the original post-type to another post-type.

Duplicate post, page or any post-type object.

General options:

  1. Enable of the tools independently of each other.
  2. On demand plugin options deletion.

Download on

Switcher & Duplicate options:

Post type Switcher:

  • Quick edit switcher
  • Bulk switcher
  • Post edit screen switcher
  • enable switch for post type in settings panel
  • the post type switcher is an evolution and adapted version of JJJ’s Post Type switcher


  • Quick edit link
  • Post edit link
  • new post title with old ID
  • enable or disable taxonomy copy
  • enable or disable custom fields copy
  • works with any post-type